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Welcome to SL Furry Forum, the online forum for Second Life furry communities. Our community exist to act as a centralized hub for the sporadic furry communities throughout Second Life, and to endorse and promote Second Life within the furry fandom out of Second Life, feel free to join and be a part of our awesome community! And don't be shy to introduce yourself in our introduction forums, and read our forum rules if you're not familiar with them already.

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Author Topic: SLFF Freelance furry reporter / writer needed, earn 50-75L$ per article  (Read 558 times)


SL Furry Forum is currently looking for freelance inworld reporter / forum article writer.

What you'll do:
  • Write and submit news articles regarding what's going on in our partners furry' sims and the furry fandom of SL in general.
  • You'll be paid 50-75L$ per accepted submission depending on the length and quality of your article.
How you'll do it:
  • First, register in our forum and then contact me in the forum (Luca) or inworld (lucagrabacr Resident) regarding your application
  • You can then go to our partners' sims (listed in our forum) and start making your article / news report.
  • You can then submit your article as a post in our forum's special news article sub-forum that's only visible to our reporters, which will be moved to our main news board and published to our homepage if accepted.
  • You will then receive your payment after your article is accepted.
  • Must be at least 2 months old on SL
  • Must be at least 18+
  • A decent, but not necessarily perfect understanding of the English language and grammar.
  • No deadline or obligation, submit whatever kind of news story you want whenever you want.
  • News must be about our partner's sims or the furry fandom on SL in general
  • Maximum amount of submission per day is 2.
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