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Author Topic: SLFF Earn free tenancy in our VIP Residential Tower for contributing to the forum!  (Read 398 times)


Good day! Today we launched our forum contribution incentive program by offering our forum members the chance to get a free tenancy in one of our VIP Residential Tower's Floors. It is not a skybox so you'd be able to see the mainland scenery.

Our VIP Residential Tower is located in a sweet riverside mainland cliff just 200m from NCI, one of the most popular and crowded destinations in SL mainland.

How does it work?

Each time you make a post, you'll earn 5 forum credits, and for each thread you make, you earn 8 forum credits. You can use your forum credits to claim your free weekly tenancy in our shop page for 100 forum credits.

After you've claimed your weekly tenancy, you can contact me (lucagrabacr Resident) inworld to get your free weekly tenancy initiated. You, and two other people of your choice if you want, will be invited to our VIP group for rez right and you can choose whichever floor you want as long as there's no existing tenant on that floor. The inworld tenancy timer will then be started with your and two other people of your choice's names listed as tenants.

Please note that each tenant can only claim one floor, and that the shop item for our free tenancy will be restocked by the end of the tenancy week if the existing tenant don't have enough forum credit to extend their tenancy.

Cheers! :)
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